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  • Started in-house courier operations from the UK to Karachi.


  • Added international courier partner in China/Hongkong.
  • Started Dropshipping business in Pakistan.


  • Added drop shipping partner and service provider from the USA
  • Soon starting import/exports direct consoles from Bangladesh

October 2020

  • Air cargo enters uncharted territory of high demand, low capacity Q4

As we have entered into the fourth and final quarter of this year, the air cargo industry is gearing up with new capacity offerings to face the expected rise in demand, high load factor, and surge in freight rates. Coupled with the product launch season and holidays, the quarter is the busiest period for the freight movements in any given year, but this time it is different.

From October 1 to 8, it is the ‘Golden Week’ holidays in China, when people travel back to their hometowns for a week-long vacation. On October 9, the supply chain from the factory of the world restarts along with the manufacturing units and rises up to the busiest period of the year.

Historically, the October – December quarter is the peak season for all modes of transport, and especially for air freight, due to the upcoming holidays in the Americas and Europe as well as the sheer amount of electronic product launch happens during this time. While this is the case with demand, capacity in the Covid-19 struck air cargo remains tight as the grounded passenger flights are yet to take off leaving a huge gap of belly capacity. Read more
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December 2020
Importance of Courier service in Ecommerce – During Pandemic Situation

The appearance of online stores in different cities in Pakistan one after the other hints at the huge potential that exists for e-commerce in the country. These platforms provide a variety of products to the potential customers from the respective websites and they can place orders online.
In Pakistan, e-commerce has empowered local manufacturers to sell their products across the globe. This was not possible a decade ago because potential buyers abroad had not been introduced to the finished products. However, certain hurdles have hampered the growth of e-commerce in the country. These include a lack of public trust in online payments, the delivery of substandard goods, and delays in delivery.
The e-commerce industry is getting wings during the Coronavirus-pandemic period. When millions of people get stuck in their lives and the normals of life have been changed. With the new normal, this should be the time when millions of people are served by online stores. But again there are several issues that most owners of online stores faced, first of all, they face major issues in import and export, and especially in Pakistan people are looking for good and trustworthy courier service providers for their timely and safe delivery.
Mr. Zuhaib, CEO Asiatrans International Express and Logistics said, During this pandemic we a courier service provider facing issues in delivering our orders as we promised door-to-door delivery but our team is working with all their good spirit. We as an import courier and logistics company support all the online stores and soon we will recover from this pandemic.
Beneficial Courier Service for Big and Heavy Items:
Do your company ship big and bulky objects frequently? As a company, you want to make sure that any package shipped is secure,
Well                          looked                        after,                and                    correctly                            transported.

It is your best bet to employ a delivery service to ensure that your package is prioritized and given the particular care and attention it deserves. 
Here are the main advantages of why the next big shipment is right for a courier service.

Utmost Care:
When a company using other forms of delivery, your parcel package is among the thousands of packages going through a huge processing facility. And for your big and heavy item, this could lead to the stressful situation arising where your package is get damaged by other loads, and lost in the shuffle.
With an authentic courier service, your big and heavy items are handled with the utmost care. Any special needs it requires, such as being treated as fragile and having it not tip over, are easily noted and ensured. Using a courier service makes certain you’re large and bulky packages always receive special treatment.

Focus on Special Package:
If you have a heavy and bulky package, you’ll find that any courier service will know precisely the best and most effective ways to handle them. When you have important cargo and you want to get to its destination in its original condition and on-time, you want to trust that the people handling it have the focus and expertise for these types of packages.

Don’t Worry About Your Shipment:
If you are sending a big and heavy item out for any delivery timely and safely delivery is the main matter, mainly if it is incredibly valuable and essential. When you use a courier service, you’ll be able to track your package from the time of pick-up to delivery by being able to track exactly where on the delivery path it is at any given moment.

Courier Services for Your Business Growth
You need to Import or Export any package to support your business. At Asia Trans International Express and Logistics, our hands of experience of several years and super service in the courier industry have earned us the business and trust of companies from a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, printing, and construction, with their fragile deliveries.

Covid-19 vaccine challenge: Air Freight Conference
In the upcoming week, the digital Air Freight Conference will examine the air cargo industry can meet the challenge of distributing the Covid-19 vaccine.


Developing the Covid-19 vaccine is only the first step in battling the pandemic. The next and most important part is distribution. A wide variety of vaccines is set to be distributed around the globe in the upcoming months.

This will be a huge challenge for the world of logistics and courier service. Solving this puzzle will be the topic of the multi-stage online Air Freight Conference.


January 2021

Importance of Digital Marketing for courier companies:

The idea of digital marketing is growing day by day. Although it has been adopted by many industries, especially advertisement and sales, it is only now that some industries, such as shipping and courier are becoming more and more dependent on the virtual marketplace rather than the traditional market.

THE Ultimate market OUTREACH!
Outreach and brand awareness is the first reason why courier firms should engage in Digital Marketing. Take Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp and Youtube as well as the smaller trends, and you have a social media room that encompasses more than a billion citizens across Pakistan, a company who is dealing in courier services in Pakistan should adopt this medium of marketing. More fundamentally, these platforms have the authority to push public opinion and get instant and frequent feedback from all the customers and consumers, and the general public which can eventually help us to forecast our future campaigns and also measure our previous results as well.

POWER OF Word of mouth
The main purpose here is to build systems for brand loyalty that inspire clients and ideally influencers to spread the word about your product. Brand loyalty programs can take the form of coupons given to consumers who post about your brand for their audiences and they will have better engagement and authenticity which can help us to get maximum reach.

Good Sales funnel is the key
Branding, publicity, leads, and sales can be handled by digital media alone it’s just like a one window solution. Reputable online visibility with lots of followers, related advertising and a strong social media presence, and expansive website outreach, will jointly promote the services of a delivery firm, create leads and attract more consumers.

Time for results
Therefore, to have better outreach investing in digital marketing is undoubtedly a beneficial and wise choice. It is a fact that we live in a digital age where people from all age groups spend a major part of their day surfing through social media and other digital platforms, which has increased even more after COVID-19. Hence, the word of mouth generated through digital marketing about a brand is the most effective in today’s post COVID world.